At Time For Options, we help you select potentially profitable trading strategies in order to express your bias or opinion of a given market.  Lots of investors have good investing skills, but are unaware of the various trading strategies that exist.

We prefer to use option spread strategies wherever possible.  Many option spread strategies  reduce, but do not eliminate, the requirement to perfectly time the market.  We try to construct and recommend strategies that put the odds in our favor and manage risk.  The corner stone of everyone strategy is risk management.

Our assumptions is that you approach us after having reviewed a market technically and/or fundamentally.  Once these steps have been taken care of, the final step is choosing the strategy that is best suited for you and your market bias.  That is where we step in.

Using powerful computer software, we mathematically analyze multiple option strategies in order to produce a strategy that may work for you.  We consider risk, reward, and of course, time when assessing the quality of a trading strategy.

In addition to helping you select a trading strategy for your market bias, we are available, per your request, to help you analyze the markets in which you are interested.  We use technical analysis in conjunction fundamental analysis in order to assess the likelihood that a market may move in one direction or another.

When we analyze a market, we usually start by looking at a weekly chart.  This helps us visually identify if a market is trending or trading in a sideways fashion.  After looking at a weekly chart, we narrow our time frame to the daily chart in order to further determine where we think a market may be headed.

Please note that our primary service is strategy selection.  We encourage investors to analyze the markets and arrive at conclusions regarding market direction.  Once the investor does this, we go to work by using our software and analytical tools in order to help choose the right trading strategy for you.

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