Welcome to Time For Options.

This is Daryl Browdy, founder and creator of TimeForOptions.com.  This site is a forum to provide discussing how to use option spreads to profit from directional moves in futures markets.

Information on this site provides explanations of strategies, graphical models of risk and reward associated with strategies, and trading plans for every strategy.

Each strategy will have an exit point, which is triggered on one of three things:

1) The position earns or loses a certain amount;
2) Price movement of the underlying market;
3) A date on the calendar.

I look forward to hearing from you and can be contacted via the  contact form for TimeForOptions.

On this site, we review option strategies for individuals that want direct access to trade markets such as the equity indices –  S&P 500, Dow Jones, Russell and Nasdaq.  We also work with investors that want to trade in a wide variety of markets, such as Corn, Soybeans, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Coffee, Sugar, Bonds and foreign currencies.

Many options traders do not want the exposure of outright futures speculation.  For some people, speculating using option spreads can be a far better alternative than trading futures. That is where we can help you  – we help traders create option spreads using technical, fundamental and mathematical analysis of the futures and option markets.

This site  differs from  traditional newsletters or trade recommendation services.  It provides advise on how to select appropriate option strategies, given the current status of implied volatility in an underlying market.

If a trader or investor develops a directional bias, but does not want exposure to risk in the futures markets, I will  help recommend one or more option strategies based on the underlying futures market and will help investors by making sure that trade setups and strategies makes sense technically, fundamentally and mathematically.  By conducting a technical, fundamental and mathematical assessment of any trade, we can construct and model a variety of option strategies that make sense for the market we are trading.

This site also provides options education.

It is important to note that time decay, or Theta, causes most options to expire worthless. Therefore, there is emphasis on strategies that possess positive time decay. We can eliminate a very difficult hurdle inherent in option trading – that hurdle is time decay. Positive time decay can be created in a variety of ways. There will be many examples of positive time decay positions on the TimeForOptions site.

Options education is a vast topic, but with a basic understanding of the forces that affect the prices of options, one can learn to trade them effectively.

People have opinions about the direction of a given market, but lack knowledge about choosing strategies that are best suited for their  directional bias for a market.  Time For Options aims to provide strategies that are best suited for an individual’s opinion about a market’s direction.

A variety of factors influence strategy selection.  Such factors include risk tolerance, the amount of capital committed to a position, market liquidity and volatility.

The cornerstone of every strategy is risk management.  Although this site focuses on options trading and options education, much emphasis is placed  on risk management.   Many refer to risk management as money management. Risk management, basically, is money management. Risk management is critical to long-term success.  The basic tenet of risk management is capital preservation.  Without sound money and risk management principles, trading becomes more like gambling and less like running a business.  Time For Options approaches investing as a business, not as a Casino.

We prefer to present option spreads as vehicles for trading the markets.  This helps  avoid time decay and often times creates positive time decay. Throughout this site, you will see many reasons why options, in particular, options spreads, are a savvy way to invest in a market.

Technical analysis is a vast field to study,  and most technical indicators are open to interpretation.  Every technical indicator works some of the time, and no technical indicator works all of the time.  Therefore, we focus on selecting mathematically modeled  option strategies. To construct winning strategies, it is important to closely analyze a market’s current, historical and implied volatility.  Once this analysis is complete, one can begin the process of creating our trading plan.

Time For Options focuses on using options strategies to exploit movement in the futures markets.  When trading market direction, it is important not only to be correct about the direction, but also to be reasonably precise in the timing of the move.  Many options strategies can help reduce the need for precise market timing. By eliminating or reducing time decay through strategies that have positive time decay, positions will perform better than other alternatives.

Throughout TimeForOptions,  you will find educational materials about options trading, futures trading, technical analysis and other general information about trading futures and options on futures.

Enjoy the site, post comments, encourage dialogue and please try to buy low and sell higher, or sell high and buy lower :0)

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Daryl Browdy